If within 1 year from date of purchase, your Fluid Filler does not function as designed, due to a manufacturing defect or premature breakage from normal designed use in fresh or chlorinated water, we will replace it or send a repair kit for free. A "Return Material Authorization" (RMA) will be required and proof of purchase (sales invoice) prior to any return being granted.

Call 951-683-8730 for RMA

What is not covered under this warranty?

Fluid Filler is a well-made tool designed to last for years if treated with respect and used and stored as recommended. If you abuse the Fluid Filler in any way, this will void your warranty. Do not use the Fluid Filler for any purpose other than fluid acquisition in fresh or chlorinated water. Salt water corrosion is not covered under this warranty. See Below. Rust, as an inevitable process which will happen to all steel products is not covered under this warranty. Warning: Non-compliant usage will void warranty and possibly cause injury or death
A note on rust: Fluid Filler is Zinc Plated so you should not have a problem with rust for quite some time. Eventually however, mainly around the bolts, the zinc may wear through and rusting will occur. This does not affect the tools performance.
See “trouble shooting tips
Salt water is very corrosive to metal. This tool is Zinc plated to resist corrosion, however salt water is extremely unkind to any metal. If you intend on using this tool in a Salt water pool, it is highly recommended that you fully rinse the tool with fresh water directly after each use. Salt water corrosion is not covered under the warranty.